Israel 70+ was initiated by Silueta Productions.
The company specializes in movie production focusing on Whiteboard Animation.
Israel 70+ was created to offer an alternative to the nostalgic trips down memory lane and give a fascinating, futuristic point of view.

We invite you to read about the production process.


We wanted to celebrate Israel’s achievements as well as the achievements of those who will lead the way in the next 70 years. We insisted on basing it on research and accomplishments rather than creating sci-fi movies.

Target Audience

Right from the start it was clear that we wanted to reach as many people as possible, those who are proud of Israel’s achievements and see themselves connected to it in the future. As parents of young children, we wanted the movies to speak to them as well arouse their curiosity to learn and broaden their horizons.


Past experience and prior connections
allowed us access to researchers,
faculties and labs at the Hebrew University,
research institutions and other leading
establishments We were exposed to
new studies, current projects
and ongoing experiments. .


The first stage of writing involves processing the research, finding clear examples and formulating ideas. The secret lies with in-depth understanding and the ability to rewrite it until we hit the most relatable example that’s original, captivating and “illustrateable”.


Why Whiteboard? The contrast between the illustrative simplicity and classic technique and the complex, futuristic subject matter makes the ideas more memorable, more accessible, easier to comprehend and attract audiences of all ages, regardless of their background or language.

Visual Script

After the script is ready, a visual description is attached to each paragraph and idea. The visual breakdown converts the ideas from written text to captivating storyboard.

Character Design

Designing the main characters poses a unique challenge. In the case of ‘Israel 70+’ we’re talking about illustrating the researchers and experts as well as our narrator, 12-year-old Noa.

Sketches and Storyboard

That’s when the movie starts to take shape. The illustrators make initial drafts for all the frames in the storyboard. It’s exciting to see how words come to life.

Voice-over Recording

By the time the illustrations are done, we also record our main characters' voices. Idan and Yael, standing in for Noa, as well as the experts and professors, were recorded in a professional studio, to maintain the highest sound quality possible.


At the animation stage we integrate the recorded voice-over with the illustrations and add the motion and color that are so emblematic of whiteboard animation. At this point the director and the animator combine forces to keep the tempo and interest level throughout the movie. That’s the stage when creativity really soars.


This stage is just as important as the others. The movie is done, but now we have to make sure people watch it. For this project we reached an agreement with Keshet’s Mako.co.il and with the Jerusalem Post, who both expressed great excitement. That way we made sure that ‘Israel 70+’ would reach maximum exposure.

Sound Design

At the end of the animation process in comes the sound designer who adds another layer to the movie: sound effects. Integrating them in the movie enhances the final product and gives it that final touch.