Producing Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation is a technique that combines actual illustrations with digital animations. Whiteboard animation movies have grown increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their ability to relay commercial, educational, informational - or any other kind of complex content in the most efficient, succinct and engaging way. These movies speak to target audiences of all ages and in many cases don't take long to go viral.
Production costs of such movies are relatively cheap in comparison to video or other animation genres, which is why many companies opt for this particular technique.

In the past five years Silueta has produced over 200 movies for a wide variety of clients in Israel and across the world. We oversee every stage of production, starting with figuring out the idea and writing the script, up until the movie is published.

A quick look at our work

Gencell - Fuel Cells

Dan Ariely about Relationships

Rabbi Sacks about the BDS

Checkpoint - Infinity

PayPal Risk Team

The Poop Project

US 2016 Elections

White Animation

The Evolution of Marriage

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    How does a fuel cell work? Whiteboard Animation explainer video for GenCell.

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    How do we manage relationships in times of Tinder and Facebook.

    A Whiteboard Animation video for the renowned economist Dan Ariely.

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    The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel is dangerously wrong because beneath the surface it's an attempt to delegtimize Israel as a prelude to its elimination. No Jew and no humanitarian can stand by and see that happen.

    A Whiteboard Animation video we produced for Rabbi Sacks.

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    A whiteboard animation video made to present Checkpoint Infinity system.

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    A 2D animation we created for PayPal to explain online fraud.

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    Use your own power to change the world. Watch the video to see more details.

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    A message of unity in times of rivalry.

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    The best way to spread your message - Whiteboard Animation videos.

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    Marry for love? For most of history, the idea would have seemed silly. Discover the history of marriage, from thousands of years ago until today. A video for promoting Eli Finkel's new book, "The All-or-Nothing Marriage"

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