Big Big Data: The Future of Information Technology

Imagine holding in the palm of your hand processing abilities 3 million times more powerful than those of your current phone and having access to every bit of information in the world. What would you do with this ability? How would you fulfill the potential that right at your fingertips? Prof. Alon Peled tells all about the wonders of big data and encourages you to use it to create an amazing future.

Prof. Alon Peled

Prof. Alon Peled

Chairperson of the Authority for Computers, Communications, and Information
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Professor Alon Peled is a leader in the fast-emerging global domain of quantitative studies of open big data. He created a data information system which collects information about datasets published by local, national, and federated governments worldwide. It is the largest and most developed global corpus of its kind. Prof. Peled was the only social scientist named a Google Faculty Research Fellow in 2013.

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