Building Strength: The Future of Child Welfare in Israel

The effort to minimize child abuse and violations against the helpless will continue for years to come. Anat Ofir tells of a future where technological and educational developments will help us lower the number of victims and build a stronger, healthier society of children. Let’s start this future today.

Anat Ofir

Anat Ofir

Director of MEHALEV initiative,
Haruv Institute

Anat Ofir holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has experience working with at-risk women and children in the Jerusalem municipality social services department. In 1997-2006 she served as manager of the Ombudsman for Children and Youth Unit at the National Council for the Child and as the manager of the Councils training department. In recent years she has specialized in marketing and group facilitation.

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