H2o-ly Land: Solving the World’s Water Crisis

Our blue planet is overloaded and is suffering from a lack of water everywhere. Israel stands at the forefront of watertech and presents solutions that could solve its own water problem as well as the world’s. In the future Prof. Benny Chefetz talks about, these solutions might even be a harbinger of peace.

Prof. Benny Chefetz

Prof. Benny Chefetz

Dean, The Robert H. Smith of Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Department of Soil and Water Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Professor Benny Chefetz is dean of The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment. His research aims to understand interactions and processes of organic pollutants occurring in water, soils and sediments. His goal is to understand how physical, chemical, and biological processes affect the fate and behavior of organic contaminants in agricultural environments.

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